Meet Jen


Jen is a certified sound healer based in Austin, TX. She is a life-long musician who has been playing on big gongs in the back of the symphony since she was 11. Jen has studied sound healing using multiple instruments with the following respected programs: the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School, the Globe Institute, the BLISSbowls method and the Sound Healing Academy International, where she is also a faculty member educating other sound healers. 

Jen offers private one-on-one and group sound baths to facilitate vibrational healing, and works with Himalayan, quartz and crystal alchemy singing bowls, gongs and other sonic tools. You can also find her at public sound baths in the Austin area through her residencies at Practice Yoga Austin, FP Movement Studio and Miraval Austin Resort.


Jen first discovered sound healing in 2008 as a tool for her own healing. She was in a car accident and suffered ongoing sciatic pain despite trying conventional medicine & therapies. Looking for relief, she tried sound healing and in 2 private sessions, the pain stopped and never came back. It was then that Jen began to study sound healing and integrate it into her yoga and meditation practices.

Jen has been teaching yoga in the Austin community since 2016 and is an E-RYT500, YACEP. She specializes in alignment-based vinyasa, restorative, kids and aerial yoga. She is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, a certified Crystal Healer and a Reiki Master, 10th generation healer in the direct lineage of Reiki founder Mikao Usui.

Jen brings principles from all these practices to integrate movement, play, self-care and good vibes to all her offerings!